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“Read this after a friend recommended it. I might want to ask her for more book recommendations from now on after reading this. Kudos to the author.”

“To be honest, I was skeptical in purchasing this book at first frankly because I was not familiar with the author. Aside from a reader who fancies cliché storylines and butterfly tugging stories, I also find plots like this to be boring and something I would fall asleep to in class. However, I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased this book. I am glad to say that I do not regret a thing. The memoir was written in a form that makes you think that you lived in the same timeline as the author. It was simply refreshing and new for me but, I wouldn’t mind purchasing another book like this. More specifically, from this author.”

“I had a lot of fun reading this book, and made a lot of realizations that I need to treasure the things I have right now more. The people before wasn’t so fortunate to experience what I am experiencing now, it makes me sad but at the same time proud of all the people who fought and helped fight for their rights and the rights of others. This memoir is a must-read for freedom and non-fiction enthusiasts like me. If you prefer freedom movement over cheesy romance fictions then, this book is definitely for you.”